Wednesday, August 10, 2016

c o l o r f u l

whenever i am feeling off, pissy or just out of balance, i sit down meditate and try to gain clarity on where my imbalances are. 
today my manipura, solar plexus chakra, was outta wack. i sat down to a yummy lunch of pineapple, corn and pepper salad, and lots of lemon in my water.
notice a theme?? yes, yellow foods! 
your manipura chakra is yellow. when you wear eat or surround yourself with the color of the chakra you're working on it helps put it back in balance. 
there is so much to talk about with chakras that one post simply won't do. i'll be continuing to post more about the seven chakras as the weeks go on. 
...until then i'll be seeing yellow

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

new moon ritual

the new moon is empty it's receptive to any new ideas, intentions, and goals we want to set.  
the idea is to focus on what you want to bring into your life this month. meditate on it. use the new moons element, water, to wash it into your life. 
a new moon ritual that I really love is to use a bowl of epsom salt and drop lavender oil into it with each new intention. use this salt as a body scrub in the shower or dissolve into a bath. every time you use it you are absorbing and refocusing on your new intentions. 
reset and enjoy! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

tonight is the full moon.
 this is a perfect time to give thanks to the moon and let her energy cleanse us. the full moon has the power to carry with her everything we no longer want or need in our lives. look at this as an opportunity to move towards your true self. 
it doesn't matter if your ritual is by yourself or with your tribe, if you are having a bonfire or using a candle. tonight is what you make it. celebrate, let go and have fun, tomorrow is a new day!